Celebrant Fees

My fee for weddings consists of two parts - a booking and ceremony fee. Other fees may be applicable if there is significant travel involved. Please contact me for information about fees for other types of ceremonies.

MOC Booking Fee $250

      The booking fee is non-refundable and includes the following services:

  • Sighting of the required paperwork such as birth certificates, divorce papers, death certificate or passports
  • Completing and entering the Notification of Intention to Marry form
  • Transferring details to the Marriage Register, Marriage Certificate and Presentation Certificate
  • Helping with the preparation of and witnessing of Statutory Declaration forms if required
  • Preparing and witnessing No Legal Impediment to Marriage forms
  • Referral to relationship education
  • Advice or referral on legal matters
  • Discussing your needs, advice on venue, flowers, photographer etc
  • Providing examples of ceremonies and readings.
MOC Ceremony Fee $350

      The ceremony fee is payable 7 days before the ceremony and includes:

  • Meetings as arranged at your home or workplace. A minimum of two meetings, approximately an hour each, is recommended. The second meeting would include a rehearsal of the ceremony to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly on the day*
  • Answering any questions you have about legal issues
  • Discussing style of ceremony design and providing samples of ceremonies and readings
  • Writing a ceremony that suits your needs. Inclusion of other special ceremonies to reflect your culture or relationship
  • Help with venue, music, photographer if required
  • Liaising with musicians and photographers
  • Registering your marriage for you#
  • Unlimited emails and phone calls (as required).

     * Please note there is a fee of $75 to attend an on site rehearsal, which is in addition to theceremony fee.

     # The ceremony fee includes the cost of registration of marriage with the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages,
        however it does not cover the cost of the marriage certificate itself. That cost depends on your choice of
        certificate. More details are available at Marriages & Relationships on the NSW Government's BDM website.

MOC Discounts & Other Fees
  • For weddings on week days that are not public holidays, I am happy to negotiate a lower ceremony fee
  • There is no charge for travel within a 30 kilometre radius of the Sydney CBD
  • Ceremonies at unusual venues which require a longer travel time incur an extra charge to cover the time involved.